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Appery.io offers several plans to select from in order to better meet the individual needs of different development teams.

When registering, you can choose to buy any subscription and then start creating some assets like App, Plugin, Database, Server Code etc. or first сreate some assets, wait until the Trial period expires, and then buy the subscription plan you like.

To sign up for Appery.io, choose a plan from the pricing page (or use a free trial period).

When filling in the signup form, please note that First name, Last name, Login name, Email and Password are required for signing up.

Your login name should be unique and cannot be changed. It’s used for logging in and sharing projects, folders, databases, scripts, and licenses. Other parameters can be changed later.

In just a few minutes you can start building your first app!

One account is matched with one person. If you try to open more than one project or different projects under one account in different browsers, you’ll receive a warning message, and the app builder will close in one of the browsers.

Free Trial

You may start with a 14-day free trial and enjoy the fully featured Pro plan to evaluate the platform building more complex apps and trying Appery.io team administration and collaboration capabilities before subscribing. After the trial period expires you can subscribe to the plan of your choice and continue building apps.

Signing up with social networks

Appery.io also provides the possibility to sign up/log in using personal Facebook, Google+, Twitter (login only), LinkedIn, GitHub or Microsoft (external IDPs) accounts.

A user can link his account with a list of external IDPs regardless of the emails used for those accounts.

When a user signs up with a social network provider for the first time, Appery.io will get the user’s name (first, last) and email from the provider.

As an example, let’s register with Microsoft.

1. On the sign-up page, click the Microsoft logo, authorizing window will be opened.

As GitHub doesn’t provide user’s first and last names, Appery.io will collect this data after a user agrees that the data will be used: first name, last name, and email. The extended popup opens on https://appery.io/account/home/plan page with the required fields – First name, Last name and other optional fields.

2. Enter your credentials and confirm.

3. In the pop-up window, enter the required information.

These fields are not required and a user can click Continue and close the popup without entering any information.

If your Microsoft account happens to be opened in the browser, the system will skip this step while registering. This is true for all providers offered.

5. After clicking Continue, the Plan view in your newly registered Appery.io Account tab opens:

6. Now, switch to the Social Sign In tab and see that the toggle for “Log in with MSN” is on, which means that both accounts have been successfully linked and now you can log in with your Microsoft account.

Similarly, you can link as many of them as needed (the procedure of prior signing up is required).

7. It’s advisable, that after registering your Appery.io account with any of the social network provider you switch to the Profile tab and change the password.

8. In the new pop-up, enter the new password and confirm.

If you don’t change the password you’ll be unable to login to your Appery.io account in the future (only in case you decide to disable the “Log in with MSN” toggle). In this case, while registering with the same provider and entering the valid account data you will be redirected to the account that has already been registered but later disabled in the Social Sign In tab.

Signing in with popular social network providers

Now, Appery.io users can choose whether they want to log in with their Appery.io credentials or linked external IDPs Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub or Microsoft.

To be able to log in with any of the social networks providers linked, first sign up with that social network provider as described here.

Trying to log in with the provider that hasn’t been linked in Account > Social Sign In, you will get the following message:

From here, you can proceed with registration or cancel it.

Changing profile information

To find and change your profile information (or delete your account), open Account > Profile:

Account view is different for Appery.io users with a paid plan. They can initiate building a team to share their resources/items and, therefore, have access to Plan, Profile, Team, Support Packs, Billing, Invoices, and Social Sign In tabs.

You can change your personal information and password. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

  • Under Profile, there is also an option of joining Appery.io expert developer directory by checking the corresponding box.
  • Under the Support Packs tab Admins can choose between a Flex Pack or Advisory Pack and purchase it.
  • The Billing tab shows all personal data and billing information a user provides. It is also possible to make any changes needed.

The rest of the team, as well as free (Trial plan) users can access Plan, Profile, Team, Invoices, and Social Sign In tabs only.

Here you can get more information on Appery.io Team and Permissions policy.

Changing plan

In the builder, under the Account tab, there is information on your current plan, profile and team. If you need to migrate to some other subscription plan, click Change plan:

If you have been invited to a team, you’ll have to leave it before you can change your plan, but, you will also have to leave all your projects to the team.

Upon clicking Subscribe or change plan, you can choose the plan you want, add missing information and confirm your selection:

If you have a promo code, you can type it into the Promo code field, and click Apply code.

If you upgrade your plan, you’ll receive additional possibilities (more projects, developer seats, pushes, larger storage). On the other hand, if you downgrade it, some of your projects may appear disabled.

If you’re not planning on re-upgrading back to your previously subscribed plan, the disabled projects can be deleted by clicking Delete.

If you don’t want to change your plan, click Back.

Cancelling plan

If you decide to stop future payment or cancel your current subscription, you can do it under Account > Plan by clicking Cancel current plan. First, the survey window opens (it can be skipped) and then you’ll be redirected to the Cancel plan window, where you’ll have to select between two options:

  • “Cancel immediately”
  • “Cancel at end of period”:


By clicking Cancel at end of period, you’ll cancel your current subscription, but until the pending cancellation date you can revert the changes by restarting your subscription.

The plan that has already been paid for will be active till the end of the paid period.


After your trial period expires (or a paid plan is cancelled for lack of payment), your account will still remain active, but all the functionality (Apps, Databases, Server Code, API Express, etc.) will be disabled for editing with the exception of theAccount page. Other pages (Apps, Databases, API Express, Resources, etc.) can be viewed, but in read-only mode.

To regain access to your resources, sign in any time and purchase a paid plan (or renew your suspended plan payment).

The users whose plan is about to expire will be notified by email beforehand.

Deleting account

If you want to delete your account, switch to the Profile tab and click Delete Account:

Type DELETE in the newly-appeared window to confirm your choice and click Delete.

All your assets are deleted.

This operation cannot be undone!