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API Express Generator is an extension that allows you to generate multiple REST services based on the models created with API Express.

With this extension, the services and JavaScript files are created automatically and can be used in the app as usual to perform CRUD operations.

Before you begin

Before you start working with API Express Generator, a project in API Express should be created.

Follow the instructions here to create a new database connection, and then create a project in the API Express tab.

You will not be able to use the extension unless you create at least one project.

Importing API Express services into the app

  1. Open an existing or create a new app, then click CREATE NEW > Extensions > API Express Generator:
  2. A new window with the project opens:
  3. Now, with one click on the generate link next to a project service/model, you can generate a set of multiple REST services and JavaScript, which is displayed in the Project tree after refreshing:

All the basic operations services, as well as the JavaScript, have been successfully generated.

The API Express Generator has created an AppClientSettings service file with the data on the domain where the project is located and its apiKey:

Another way to locate the project API key is to go to API Express > Project > Settings.

If you change services/models under the API Express tab, you should regenerate the appropriate services inside the Appery.io App Builder.

Using offline cached data

Use APIExpressService request parameter cached to display previously cached data:

In APIExpressService_Settings, you can set a global cached parameter so that the value is used each time you invoke the service: