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The Appery.io Tester is a native app that allows testing Appery.io-built apps. This app makes it very simple to test native apps, as you don’t need to install the app each time a change is made. The Appery.io Tester is free and available for iOS and Android.

Appery.io Tester also allows sharing an app with users who don’t have an Appery.io account.

Below is how the application can look like on:

Android devices:

iOS devices:

Installing Appery.io Tester

Appery.io Tester can be downloaded from Apps Market (Google Play/ App Store) for free:

google_play_icon apple_app_store_icon

Running the app

Once the app is installed, launch it and log in. Use the same credentials that you use for https://appery.io.

Find your app in the list, and tap to launch it to see how it works online.

Apps with imported Cordova plug-ins do not work for the Appery.io Tester.

Sharing the app with Appery.io Tester app

Appery.io Tester also enables developers to share his/her apps with anyone in the world, on any device, without having to install the app on their device or going through any app store. This is quite important for developers who want to demo or preview their apps with a customer, client, team member or anyone else during the development process or for marketing purposes.

To share your app with non-Appery.io users, go to the Apps tab, select the project and scroll down to the Share via Appery.io Tester app section, then turn the toggle “on”.

Then, follow the instructions provided:

Having generated the code, you can send it to those who would like to install your app.

On their side, clicking “Enter app code” and then entering it on the Tester login page, the access to the app with all the native device capabilities is granted:

By default, a code is generated for a period of 7 days. So, when generating it, don’t forget to enter the needed value: after a code expires (or is deleted), it can no longer be used to run your app.