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Appery.io team is working hard to make cloud development tool for creating mobile apps really useful and easy-to-use. We are also doing our best to timely solve users’ problems and fix bugs. Below is the list of issues that we already know about and working on to solve. If you come across an issue that is not on this list, contact us via forum or write a mail to support@appery.io. Your help is kindly appreciated.

Known Issues

A list of known issues.

Google Maps application stopped working

On June 22, 2016, Google introduced its Updates to Google Maps APIs, which affected the functioning of Appery.io applications with Google Maps.

Workaround (AngularJS projects)

You should create the Angular module with the next code:

Make sure you substitute ModuleName and YOUR_KEY with your actual data.

This should make the service work on the device.

To make it work in the browser preview, open the app without the frame and replace http with https  in the address field. Geolocation will start working.

At the moment, our development team is working on the workaround for JQM projects.

There is no global variable “push” for build-in Push Notification plugin for library 3.0 (JQM)

There is no global variable “push” for library 3.0 (JQM), you cannot call, for example:

that used to work in earlier library versions.


For Push plugin, you should generate code to initialize it. As mentioned “push” variable is not global variable. You can assign “push” variable to global variable in “device ready” or “pushinit” event handler.
We are working to update plugin with necessary fixes.
Currently we use 1.3.0 version of this plugin.
If you need more functions that are missing in build-in Push Notification plugin you can add custom plugin of 1.4.5 version (download). Please make sure to check custom plugin checkbox instead of core one.

UI changes are not saved

Some users might experience a problem where UI changes made in the app builder are not saved.


Please try the following:
1. Sign out from Appery.io.
2. Clear the cache and cookies for Appery.io.
3. Close browser without saving session.
4. Open Appery.io App Builder and try again.

[IMTS 90339: This bundle is invalid. The Info.plist contains invalid key] error when submitting to AppStore


Comment this line in Source->IOS->project name->cordova->build.xccongif


iOS – Ionic Release build version Status Bar overlaps header content.


1. Create new JavaScript with Type = External lib and use default Options.
2. Insert this code in created JavaScript asset:

Apple app submission rejection: 2.23 – Apps must follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines or they will be rejected.


In the App Settings > iOS binary – turn off the Automatic updates option.
We are currently looking into the cause of this problem.

Apple app submission rejection: 4.5 – Apps using background location services must provide a reason that clarifies the purpose of the use, using mechanisms described in the Human Interface Guidelines.


Such changes should be made in the very end step of your app development just before the deployment to the Apple App Store.

You will need to modify your project-name-Info.plist file in the visual builder Source view:plist_file

Fixed issues

Changes not shown when testing in browser

Some users might experience a problem where changes made in the app builder are not shown when testing the app in the browser.


Remove the frame when testing and refresh the page. More information is is here.

App Builder is not loading

When trying to open an app, the App Builder gets stuck here:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.00.24 AM


There are a few possible workaround available:

  • Try opening the app in another browser. This error usually occurs in Chrome. Opening the app in Firefox or Safari usually works fine.
  • If this error occurs in Firefox, clear the browser cache and refresh the page.
  • If this error occurs in Chrome, clear the cache as described here. Then refresh the page.