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June 2016

Better integration between the app and API Express.

  • Invoke REST APIs from the server
  • Simpler and better REST API keys security
  • Add custom logic before/after the REST API is invoked
  • Easily change service implementation without impacting the app

April 2016

This update will include small UI updates, and bug fixing.

March 2016 (released)

  • App Builder
    • New Ionic and Bootstrap library versions
    • New Ionic Scroll component
    • Copy & paste inside the visual editor for faster development
  • Push Notifications
    • Upgraded Push Notifications for sending targeted and customized messages
  • API Express
    • New Script and Server Code components
  • Standalone API Express

January 2016 (released)

  • App Builder
    • Improved code auto-complete for AngularJS/Ionic editor
    • New Ionic Card component
  • Server Code
    • Server Code snippets and plugins
  • API Express
    • New Mapping component
    • New Merge component

November 2015 (released)

  • App Builder
    • Quickly import any 3rd party Apache Cordova library to your app
    • Update to Apache Cordova library version 4.0
  • API Express
    • New SOAP and Condition component
  • Server Code
    • Place scripts in folders
  • Push Notifications
    • Edit scheduled push messages

September 2015 (released)

  • App Builder
    • Scope to service mapping editor update
    • Scope to page binding editor update
    • New code snippets for faster development
  • API Express
    • Visual flow designer
  • iOS, Android
    • Auto update – submit app updates without going through the app stores
  • General
    • Quick and easy way to share your app during development

July 2015 (released)

  • App Builder
    • Updates to AngularJS Scope view
    • More Ionic Framework components
  • Database
    • Add option to login via a social network
  • Push
    • API update
  • API Express
    • Support for LDAP-based authentication
    • Integration with Database
  • Mobile Tester App
    • UI updates

May 2015 (released)

  • Support for Ionic Framework in the visual app builder
  • Updates to AngularJS support (for both Bootstrap and Ionic)
  • Option to login into using social networks
  • Backend Services
    • Exposting relational database via REST APIs
    • Offline support
  • Apache Cordova update

March 2015 (released)

  • Support for Bootstrap and AngularJS frameworks in the visual app builder
  • Server Code UI updates
  • App Creator Express

December 2014 (released)

  • Enterprise Team collaboration enhancements
  • URL-based security in Secure Proxy
  • Faster proxy
  • Improved sharing with support
  • New and faster XHR implementation in Server Code

September 2014 (released)

  • New app builder UI
  • New Model and Storage feature
  • New mapping editor
  • Improved REST API service editor
  • App builder versioning

July 2014 (released)

April 2014 (released)

  • Server code scheduler
  • Customer admin console
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Simplified app styling — see CSS updates live in the app builder
  • Improved binary files certificate management
  • Windows Phone binary build
  • Additional Webhooks
  • Custom domain https web hosting

January 2014 (released)

  • New jQuery Mobile components:
    • Panel
    • Popup
  • API key security on the server
  • iOS 7 support (and iOS UI theme)

November 2013 (released)

  • Salesforce integration
    • Browse Salesforce objects right in, and instantly generate services for any object
    • Salesforce Mobile Design templates
  • New Push Notification features
    • Send push notifications based on filters (queries)
    • Schedule push notifications to be sent
  • Opening editors in the app builder is now much faster
  • jQuery Mobile version 1.3.2 upgrade
  • PhoneGap version 3.0 upgrade
  • New UI themes: flat UI theme and UI theme based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Simplified testing in the browser

August 2013 (released)

  • Updates to collaboration – it will be possible to see who is currently editing the app
  • New Carousel component
  • PhoneGap upgrade
  • One project type – to simplify development
  • Updates to Source tab
  • Updates to Server Code
  • Platform UI updates

June 2013 (released)

  • jQuery Mobile iOS theme
  • Updates to Mobile Tester (Android, iOS)
    • Select user folder
    • Sorting
  • Initial release of Cloud Code (server-side code)
  • Project versioning
  • New features in Source tab (stay tuned…)
  • Printable invoices

April 2013

January 2013

  • App Builder
    • Permissions editor for Android and iOS apps
    • Display detailed error message when binary build fails
    • View generated source inside builder (read-only)
    • Themes support based on Themeroller
  • Windows 8
    • Flow layout
    • Share Target extension
    • AppBar and Command Button
  • Backend Services
    • Update to Push – allow sending notifications based on conditions
    • Support for Pointer column type

Early December 2012 (released)

  • We are planning to launch our new app builder created entirely with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Upgrade to PhoneGap 2.2
  • Upgrade to jQuery Mobile 1.2
  • First release of Push Notifications feature

September 2012 (released)

  • New Projects and Dashboard Pages
  • HTML5 App Hosting In All Plans
  • Backend Services
  • PhoneGap 2.0

August 2012

  • Integration with Database inside the app builder
    • Auto generate CRUD-like services
  • Export/import of projects
  • Easier project creation: create new app right from Apps page
  • Database: File storage API
  • Easier testing: QR code on test page and on Android build page (for simpler installing)

July 2012 (released)

  • Even easier way to create a new mobile app
  • New features in Test features
    • New and very nice design
    • Rotate phone when testing
    • Set different phone size when testing
    • Test without phone frame
  • New PhoneGap version
  • Generate jQuery Mobile screens into one file

June 2012 (released: databasefeatures)

  • Database (beta)
  • There is a lot of work behind the scenes to make app builder much faster and greatly improve performance.
  • Simplified app creation.
    • Instead of having two different app types (mobile and PhoneGap), we are merging the two together. You no longer need to decide what kind of an app you are going to build when you create it. You will be able to build a pure mobile web app (with hosting) or add native components.
  • New List component options
  • Improvements to source code export
  • Improvements to Test feature (phone frame will be option) — if time permits.

May 2012 (released)

  • Code generation (major) improvements. Image and page names will be kept as named, for example.
  • app builder embedable version. Version can be embedded on another site.
  • Visual builder improvements
    • Make it easier to delete an element
    • Breadcrumb-like view that show element nesting
    • Make it easier to add events/actions to an element
  • Windows Phone source export
  • Plug-ins parameters, useful for specifying service keys and other authentication information.
  • Visual mapping improvements
  • QR codes to binary export result pages to make it simpler to install the app on a device
Cross-out items didn’t make it into this release

April 2012 (released)

  • New components
    • Date picker
    • Carousel
  • Ability to add any property to a UI element (without JavaScript, via More Properties window)
  • Data mapping improvements
    • We are working on adding mapping support for all jQuery Mobile components
  • iOS binary build
  • PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile updates to latest (stable) versions

March 2012 (released)

  • Custom CSS support
  • Insert any custom HTML code
  • More updates to visual data mapper
  • Plugins (pre-packaged services, pages, project templates)
  • New jQuery Mobile themes
  • Code generation changes
    • Instead of generated screen names, actual screen names will be used when app is exported

February 2012 (released)

  • Upgrade to PhoneGap 1.4
  • Ajax navigation
  • Swipe events
  • HTML5 audio component
  • Integration with StackMob – new security component that supports oAuth
  • Updates to visual data mapper