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Support scope

What’s covered

We offer technical support to help you with problems related to the Appery.io platform, including:

  • App Builder
  • Databases
  • Push notifications
  • Server code
  • Code
    • Any code generated by the Appery.io platform
  • APIs
    • Any Appery.io APIs such as REST APIs and JavaScript APIs

What’s not covered

Unless you purchase a custom support option, our technical support does not include help with application related issues such as but not limited to:

  • Writing custom app code (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PhoneGap)
  • Helping or debugging your custom app code or logic
  • Helping or debugging code you wrote in the Source view
  • 3rd party REST services
  • 3rd party Apache Cordova/PhoneGap plugins
  • Submitted the app to the app stores
  • Why the app wasn’t approved by the Apple App Store, Google Play Market, Windows Store.

However, in most cases, we will offer you some direction or provide links to 3rd party resources or examples.


  1. If you have a question on how to add a particular feature to a jQuery Mobile popup that can only be done via custom JavaScript, that falls outside the scope of our support.
  2. If you have a question on how to update the List component via JavaScript, we may be able to provide some direction, but this also generally falls outside the scope of our support.

Support channels

We provide two support channels:

  1. Forum – this is for anyone to ask questions. We cannot guarantee a response to every question or response time. It’s best effort support. This means we will try to answer as many questions as we can and as fast as we can.
  2. Email support for paid plans (Basic, Standard, Pro, Team) from inside the App Builder. Menu button (upper right corner) > Priority support.

We encourage everyone to use the forum, since it creates a nice community discussion. If we or someone else from the community answers your question, someone else who has the same question will be able to get an answer quickly. We encourage everyone in the community to help each other via the forum.

Support hours

  • Our support team is generally available 24/7. We have less staffing on weekends and holidays.
  • Unless you have a Paid support option, standard support doesn’t come with response time guarantee.
  • Standard, Pro, Team plan users get priority support and should use the support form inside the app builder (Menu button > Priority support). In general, you should expect a reply within 8 hours (during the week)
  • Basic plan users please use our forum. It’s extremely rare for us not to reply to a question (it just might take a little bit more time)

Paid support

We have a number of paid support options. To learn more please visit please visit https://appery.io/services or send us an email: services@appery.io.