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Tutorials are step-by-step guides that can teach you how to build an app or use a particular feature of Appery.io. A few of the links (labeled) will bring you to a thread in our forum where the given topic is addressed.


If you are new to Appery.io, start with the following tutorial. It shows you how to build app UI, create an app database, display a list of items from the database, publish the app as a mobile web app, publish for Android and use native device features:

The following tutorial shows you how to write custom app logic using server code:

The following tutorial shows you how to send push notifications to iOS or Android phones:

The following tutorial shows the best practices of using Model and Storage features:



Server code

App builder features

The following tutorials teach you about specific Appery.io app builder features:

Using 3rd party APIs

The following tutorials show you how to use 3rd party REST APIs. You can use any API in your mobile app by using the approaches shown:

Using browser storage APIs

The following tutorial show you how to use browser APIs such as “local storage”:

Native device features and APIs

The following tutorials teach you how to use native device features and APIs:

To test these features, you need to use the Appery.io Mobile Tester app, or install the app on the device.

Google Maps API

  • Building a mobile app with Google Maps and Geolocation
    Covers: showing user location on the map via Geolocation, Google Maps Directions (building a route from point A to point B), converting location name to latitude and longitude via Google Geocoding, placing marker or multiple markers, placing multiple markers from database, adding layers, fitting map to bounds.

Tutorials for public plugins

Public plugins are available to all Appery.io developers. If you created a plugin, and would like us to add it to our plugin directory, please email us at support@appery.io. Below is a list of available tutorials for our public plugins.

Social media

Business & development

Newspapers & books

JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile

The following tutorials show you how to add various app features using JavaScript: