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What are we going to build?

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create and manage versions of your project.

Before you begin

Tutorial level: intermediate.
Prerequisites: an Appery.io account.

Creating new app

1. First, create a new project. Name it Versions.

2. In Project view, сlick the Project tab, and open Pages > startScreen.

3. Go to the startScreen, and drag and drop the Button component from the PALETTE into the screen:NewApp

4. Open the EVENTS tab.

5. From the Actions list, select Run JavaScript:RunJS

6. Enter some code. For example:

7. Click “Save”:CodeSave

8. Test your app. You should see something like:

Creating versions

1. Go back to the Project list, and find the Versions area. Type the name Button+JS and click “New version”:

2. Return to your project. Create a new page and name it SecondScreen.

3. Go back to the Project list, and create another version. Name it SecondScreen. This newly created version only contains the page that you just created.

Managing versions

If you want to restore the old version, you should click “Restore” in the Versions area, and confirm:Restore

If you test your app again, you’ll see the first version of it (button+js-code).

If you want to delete a version, click “Delete” in the Versions area, and confirm: